FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritize hygiene and the well-being of our escorts. We are the only agency in the industry that we require our escorts to undergo regular STD screenings before their arrival. Additionally, any escort who stays with us for more than three months is required to undergo a recheck to ensure they can continue working. Our escorts take all possible measures to avoid exposure and maintain cleanliness.

If you haven't received a response from our messages in over 24 hours, please ensure that you have checked our website for any updates regarding changes to our WhatsApp, Telegram, or Viber phone numbers. If there have been any changes, please use the new number to contact us. However, if our phone number remains the same and you still haven't received a response, it is possible that you have been blocked.

There are several possible reasons for this. In some cases, the escort you requested may have decided to extend their time with a previous client, leading to a scheduling conflict. Alternatively, if the escort is not feeling well or facing any personal circumstances, they may choose to cancel bookings for their own well-being. Additionally, escorts have the right to refuse clients for reasons that they deem necessary to maintain their discretion and safety. We understand that it can be disappointing, but we prioritize the well-being and professionalism of our escorts.

There can be several reasons why you have been blocked from messaging. Here are some common examples:

  1. Inappropriate or offensive language: If you consistently use offensive or inappropriate language in your messages, we may block you at any time without prior notice.
  2. Harassment or stalking: If you repeatedly send unwanted or intrusive messages, or engage in any form of harassment or stalking, you may be blocked.
  3. Spamming: If you send an excessive number of unsolicited messages, you may be blocked to prevent spam.
  4. Violation of community guidelines or terms of service: If you engage in behavior that violates the rules, policies, or terms of service of our platform or community, you may be blocked as a consequence.
  5. Threats or intimidation: If you send messages that include threats, intimidation, or any form of harmful communication, you may be blocked.
  6. Disrespectful or offensive behavior: If you consistently display disrespectful or offensive behavior, you may be blocked to maintain a positive and safe environment.

We strongly encourage a respectful communication environment, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for any violations while interacting with us.

After 1st booking you can ask for account. If you're interested in viewing a limited version of our available escorts, request limited access during our City tours, and we will offer you a 15-minute solution to explore and make your selection.

After 1st booking you can ask for more info about the Free Fuck!

☰ About Booking 🔘 We don't book 1 day before or next week or next month or next year 🙈, better send me message the day you want to do the booking so we can schedule the time.

Discovering who is better and the best among escorts can be determined by perusing their reviews on safariescorts.net. It's important to note that the managers of safariescorts do not personally visit the escorts or engage in real-life interactions with them. However, all relevant information about the escorts is available in their profiles. Therefore, the most reliable approach to make an informed choice is by checking the reviews and profiles of the escorts. Thank you for your understanding.

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